Friday, January 21, 2011

Man(niquinn) Hands

Ah hah moment...nude polish should contrast with your skin tone--if it's too nude, and you look like you have "Maniquinn hands"...I hadn't thought of it that way, but that finally puts the words to something that had bothered me about nude polish.  How do I go nude?  I have used OPI's Designer Series for a base coat when I do french tips so...even my nudes never look "nude," I always add a little sparkle to add depth and detail.  McLain's take:  make sure your polish is a high gloss and a shade contrast.  My sister complained for years I was stuck in a nude rut, I think I am out of that rut now.  I dress conservative, even blah, alot of the time...for nails show my weekends, my artisitic side that carries through the week.

Why I am thinking about this?  I enjoyed this article, and it used the phrase that caused me pause and wanted to share it with you:  2011's 6 Coolest Nail Polish Trends By: Betsey McLain on .  The article doesn't cover nail art, just nail polish trends, but shared some great colors to keep in mind when shopping.  It's great to have a phrase to fit the situation...

Say no to Manniquinn hands!

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