Monday, November 23, 2009

FancyFingers is Blogging Now! has a blog now! Now lets see if I can keep it up.

I love my nails this week, the Enid people inspired me to design a totally awesome set of nails. I used my favorite plate again, m57, but this time I made myself not use the zebra (which I am addicted to!). I used the fishnet pattern and combined two or three rows of alternating colors of Special Polish Black and Eggplant. When I squeegeed across the plate it feathered the colors together in a beautiful fading pattern.

I then stamped a flower, and the fishnet bled through the white flower! Not what I had in mind. So I scrapped that finger, started over by simply removing the flower and the fishnet with a little basic nail polish remover. Then I applied a fresh fishnet and then I topcoated all my nails to prevent the bleeding of the base pattern. Now when I applied my flower, it worked much better-- great pattern and a popping white flower.

Floated a hot pink rhinestone in the middle of somme of the flowers and wow, what a look! I was so is pretty over the top for my nature girl look, but I really dig it so I am going to rock this look all week long!