Sunday, February 28, 2010

Centering Designs on the Nail

OK, so finally I have figured out how to log back on (to the right account!). Sorry for my absence.

Centering a Design on the Nail

Sometimes I have found that I have to switch from a side-rolling motion when I am stamping a design on my nail, to a different method. Side rolling is best for larger designs, but for a smaller design I want to center I apply the design rocking from the tip or base of the nail instead of the side. It allows me to gage the center line of the nail. Once I became aware that I was stamping this type of design differently, I realized I should do a video on it. Since St Patty's Day is approaching, it seemed fitting to do one of my celtic knot nails, and I float a rhinestone in the center.

To do a rhinestone is really quite simple:
1. Top coat the entire nail, being careful not to overlap your brush strokes if you can help it.
2. Wet the tip of a toothpick (I usually touch the toothpick to the topcoat brush).
3. Use a wet tip of the toothpick to pick up a rhinestone. It sticks to the wet tip.
4. Finally, place it as close to where you want it to be. Nudge it for any fine adjustments.
5. Add a dollop of topcoat to seal the rhinestone onto the nail.

I will post a video just on rhinestone setting sometime soon.

Erin go braugh!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Hearts from m59

A fun look for February is anything incorporating hearts. Here's a simple stamp with a lot of look. In this video I use a very heavily used m59 (snowflakes from December) to create a cascade of hearts on the nail, just above a glittery french tip. I stamped one hand in 3 minutes, even while stopping to refocus and trying not to go fast so you can see how the stamping process works. It was quick and looked great!

This time I tried to add alot of hints and tips in titles on the video, if you find them hard to read please let me know by posting a comment.

The sparkly base coat/french effect is from OPI Diamond Holographic, sorry but I dont know the exact name since the sticker has long since abandoned the bottle. I love it, it looks great layered over any color. As you can see, I created a french effect by painting the tip with 3 coats and the nail itself with one sheer coat. I just cant seem to get into the flat colors that are getting popular now...maybe they will grow on me?

Valentines Day Heart Tips

Happy Valentines Day!
Sometimes it helps to get in the mood by pampering yourself a bit..and it doesn't hurt that getting your nails done with a Valentines Day theme might remind a special someone that the holiday is coming up.

So, in the spirit of the holiday I have decided to show a few options to you. This first video uses Konad Image Plate m56 to apply a heart patterned french tip to my nails. French tipping takes a little practice, and the Konad plates can be shallow, so if you have particularly long nails (which I don't) you may have to "stack" or stamp twice.

I started with clean nails that I had painted a base coat of OPI Diamond in a holographic shimmer. I've had the bottle awhile, and the sticker has come off the bottom so I don't know the exact name of the color. I will check with the salon where I bought it and try to update this with the exact name for you at a later time.

The alignment of the tip design can be achieved by holding the stamper at a 90 degree angle to the nail. Look at where the design will line up when rocked across the nail, then make any adjustments to how you are holding the stamper and rock the stamper across the nail. I like to hold my hand just in front of me, with my finger braced between thumb on the bottom and the stamper at the 90 degree angle at the top. The video angle cut parts of the actual stamping when I pulled toward my line of vision to align the stamp on the nail. I will get better at this next time and not cut out the alignment and rolling, but I think I got enough in that you get the general idea.

Now to work on the Lovely Stamp Video