Saturday, January 5, 2013

Chic + Rockabilly = My New Look?

OK, so this year I REALLY am going to blog more.  But, I am expanding my blogging topic to include more than nail art topics.  I am restyling my look, and my resolution is to wear a dress or skirt at least once a week, and post it or purge it.

And the new look?  I want Chic, I want Fun, Funky, Retro, a Little Feminine, a lot Nerdy, and Rockin!
So, Chic Rockabilly.  Yeah, I totally made that up.  It's not just Retro, it's a little tongue in cheek since I am a total nerd. And forget the saddle shoes, let's not get all crazy like--I won't touch those unless I draw them on a pair of ballet flats or something.  Now, that's an idea, more later.

What a pin curl could look like...
 I love Rockabilly, but I'm over 40 (eh hem, can I add "barely" over, without feeling too vain? no, I can't!). I am also a teacher (which I love doing!), so I have to limit the cleavage, skulls and tats and such.  I am thinking more Chic + Rockabilly = My Look, not full on Rockabilly and not full on Chic. I want to keep it playful. As I am developing my new look for the new year, I've been doing a lot of research via Google, and Pinterest, my handle there is

By playful, I mean lots of color instead of the typical limited Black/White/Red of a Rockabilly Gal. I am sure with a bit of tweeking and some very fun shopping that my wardrobe will evolve if I wear the pieces I have purchased and hanging in my closet. I am totally in love with certain looks, but I'll get more on style later.  For now, the biggest (and cheapest) impact I can make on my look is my hair. I already have plenty of it.

What MY pin curl DID look like.
Tonight is the fifth night of 2013, and I am sitting in my fourth attempt at pin curls.  Not. Easy.  My first full head attempt. The first attempts, I didn't even make it through an entire head before I dissolved into all thumbs, and took them out in frustration.  My pin curls were a tangled mess!

Youtube seriously let me down on this.  Usually, I can watch a video on youtube and be just like those "I slept at a Holiday Inn last night," commercials and pretty much do anything I set my mind to.  But oh no, not pin curls.  It was bad.  Really bad.  Nobody told me it would be THAT bad the first time I tried it.  They all made it look soooo simple.  Evil, evil youtubers.

New things I have learned as I venture on my new hairstyle:  1. Braiding the bottom half of your head does NOT approximate a pin curl, and 2. Setting Lotion is downright crunchy, and not in a 'good' way.

If it's not too scary, I'll post the results tomorrow. Wish me luck!

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