Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Flat (No Pattern) French Tip m19

Most Requested Manicure Tips are for a French...

OK, so I shot a french swirlie from plate m56 in April, and another one of what I call a french flat (flat meaning no pattern) in May...too much frenching around, and I had viral issues of the computer kind over the last week or so, so I am just getting around to getting it posted...the video needs to be reshot so that you can tell more easily how I stamp. I had terrible luck, as I stamped I would look down and my hand travelled out of the shot for most of the stamping.

I used an OPI shimmery base to jazz it up a is from the Designer Series 106, and is a shimmery pink. Honestly, I am not a big fan of the french since it's so finicky, but this time it worked ok for me. The key is have short nails, and have a smooth motion as you stamp. The slightest hesitation or pause as you roll the design on causes a ripple or unsteadiness to the design. Therefore, I do the swirlies from m56 since they are much more forgiving.

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