Sunday, February 28, 2010

Centering Designs on the Nail

OK, so finally I have figured out how to log back on (to the right account!). Sorry for my absence.

Centering a Design on the Nail

Sometimes I have found that I have to switch from a side-rolling motion when I am stamping a design on my nail, to a different method. Side rolling is best for larger designs, but for a smaller design I want to center I apply the design rocking from the tip or base of the nail instead of the side. It allows me to gage the center line of the nail. Once I became aware that I was stamping this type of design differently, I realized I should do a video on it. Since St Patty's Day is approaching, it seemed fitting to do one of my celtic knot nails, and I float a rhinestone in the center.

To do a rhinestone is really quite simple:
1. Top coat the entire nail, being careful not to overlap your brush strokes if you can help it.
2. Wet the tip of a toothpick (I usually touch the toothpick to the topcoat brush).
3. Use a wet tip of the toothpick to pick up a rhinestone. It sticks to the wet tip.
4. Finally, place it as close to where you want it to be. Nudge it for any fine adjustments.
5. Add a dollop of topcoat to seal the rhinestone onto the nail.

I will post a video just on rhinestone setting sometime soon.

Erin go braugh!


  1. Now why didn't I think of this. What a great way to be sure your designs are centered better.
    I'm going to share this on a HUGE nail forum. :)
    Thanks so much. Glad I found you.
    You are a natural doing videos. DO you have a YouTube channel.
    If you could get up a little closer, that would be cool.

  2. I started a YouTube Channel, it's

  3. Yup, I found it the other day after I posted this. :)
    Love it.