Monday, February 1, 2010

Hearts from m59

A fun look for February is anything incorporating hearts. Here's a simple stamp with a lot of look. In this video I use a very heavily used m59 (snowflakes from December) to create a cascade of hearts on the nail, just above a glittery french tip. I stamped one hand in 3 minutes, even while stopping to refocus and trying not to go fast so you can see how the stamping process works. It was quick and looked great!

This time I tried to add alot of hints and tips in titles on the video, if you find them hard to read please let me know by posting a comment.

The sparkly base coat/french effect is from OPI Diamond Holographic, sorry but I dont know the exact name since the sticker has long since abandoned the bottle. I love it, it looks great layered over any color. As you can see, I created a french effect by painting the tip with 3 coats and the nail itself with one sheer coat. I just cant seem to get into the flat colors that are getting popular now...maybe they will grow on me?