Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lip Ink Haul!

Oh Goody! My order to restock on Lip Ink semi-permanent lip colors just came in, and I love the Energy Red--totally cool! and the free color they threw in happened to be one I was tempted to order---Glitter Red! It is just a subtle shimmer, not an all at glitter. And the Hypershine turned out very glossy, it is very thick so feels just a bit sticky on the lips. Flavorless, but stays put really well...better than the regular shine. I went for broke and paid the $55 for the 2 oz bottle of shine, since my last one lasted two years it is well worth it and I will use it to refill my tubes (if I can keep track of them!).

I also ordered the shimmering lip plumper, one full size in Snow Spice that is scented like clove, and the other a trial size called Bubble Gum, that smells faintly of cinnamon. Lovely shine with shimmer, the snow is a little more opaque than I had thought it would be.

Man I wish I could start selling this. It's so pricey that I am outright cringing but the tubes last forever and the color stays on all day without smearing or printing my mugs and my hubby's mug whenever I steal a kiss. But I feel like I need to do one or the other (nail art or lip ink), and there is definately a great market for the Konad. This time I ordered directly from, since absolutely NO ONE sells it in Oklahoma anymore. Hate ordering lip colors online, but I know with the lemon toner and color layers that I can play with it if it's not exactly what I want. So now my color collection is back up to six, I threw away the Lava Red in a fit of cleaning and totally regret it now. No such thing as too red, is there? So now I have Earth Red, Energy Red, Ruby, Glitter Red, and Lemon Toner. The toner turns the ruby to a gorgeous Coral, and removes the blue undertones that I find not always desirable. I may do a video, but hate the idea of having a close up of my lips. I will have to think about it.

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