Friday, December 25, 2009

Tip of the Week: Mixing Colors

New video--

Hi everybody!

We were playing around and recorded making a light blue from basic blue and white Konad Special Polish, which are two very handy colors to have. I use Royal Blue alot lately.

To blend the colors together to create a new color, quickly and repeatedly scrape the colors across the engraving three to five times, switching directions or turning the plate 45 degrees each time to really get it mixed evenly.

Basic Color Refresher:
White + Red = Pink, or put simply White + Any Color = Pastel
Black + Any Color = Darker Hue

and remember your color basics...
Red + Blue = Purple
Yellow + Blue = Green

You will have to experiment a little to learn how much of each color you need to get the shade you want. I use just a little of the darker shade and about twice as much of the white to get a pastel blue.

The Gold, Gold Brown and Silver are somewhat sheer but sparkly, as well as any of the colors called "Pearls" by Konad. They look vibrant in the bottle, but will need more careful planning to ensure a good color presence. I like putting the metalics against Black for a subtle variation on the black nails. So keep in mind the sheerness when selecting a color to mix with, it will result in a shimmery version of the mix, without a great intensity like a metallic such as Sally Hansen's Chromes (love them as a base coat, even though I've read that some people get them to work on their plates--they don't work worth a hoot on my plates though).

Have a Fabulous Day!

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