Monday, December 7, 2009

Decisions, decisions

OK, so sometimes the hardest thing about nail art is deciding which design combination I want. Right now, I cant seem to decide. I have gotten stuck on Image Plate (IP) 57, with Zebra and Fishnet and a super cute flower the past month, and simply could not resist this echo of last week's nail design. I used the month before I was stuck onn the swirlies.
I have a white base coat by Milani on, then alternating fishnet and zebra, then layerd the flower on top. All from ONE plate. The fishnet and zebra are in Konad Special Polish Black, and the flower is white.


  1. Are you at the mall?
    Very pretty,

  2. I was at an Arts and Crafts Show in Wichita Falls, TX, just down the road from my home. Late afternoon and it was getting quiet, so my hubby was playing with our new camcorder, hence the comment "There is a zoom button!" He kept getting the camera 6 inches from my hand and it was so funny I had to give him a hard time...he loves all the buttons and bells and whistles, but forgets to use them.